Donating to the Phillipines??

Ok, New Jersey.  I know we are a country that wants to help others and that is a nice thing BUT guys, we have a ton of our own still displaced, still waiting on insurance, will probably not experience Christmas for the SECOND year in a row because of Superstorm Sandy.  I understand the devastation in the Phillipines but I’m sorry, if you want to start donating there maybe consider giving it to our people first.  You want to send $ 100 to the Phillipine Fund and by the time someone gets it out there, it will be down to $ 25?  Take that $ 100, everyone knows someone who has been displaced and say “here is a $ 100, get a dollhouse for your daughter who lost it in Sandy”  Come on people, let’s take care of us first for a change, for Pete’s sake our goverment shut down for 2 weeks because they couldn’t get their shit straight, don’t you think we need help here?

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