Producer/Editor AWOL, Hosts of Podcast Effing Pissed

Vinny Varvaro and Dino Ibelli, hosts of Talkin Jersey and More, look to be a couple of big shots already. The two technological nit wits are in talks with a new production company. Apparently, due to their high demands and caliber of work to piece together their one-hour take on Jersey schtuff (and more remember?) they need a new “guy.”

If only Dino’s camcorder from 1987 could be converted to whatever puts it on the interweb, they could do it themselves, but that whole Wayne’s World basement-look is so creepy, even for them.
So, that ain’t gonna work.
Vinny’s arm isn’t long enough to shoot it selfie-style using his iPhone and Dino’s CrackBerry flat out sucks. 
So they are looking for a notso creepy person with camera and computer skills to produce a quality podcast. You want to know what it pays??
Vinny’s uncle Vito takes care of negotiations and Dino’s third cousin Paulie makes the payments, but mostly collects. 

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