Outtake from Episode 4

Vinny and Dino aren’t as perfect as they may seem! Check out this outtake from the beginning of Episode 4.

Producer/Editor AWOL, Hosts of Podcast Effing Pissed

Vinny Varvaro and Dino Ibelli, hosts of Talkin Jersey and More, look to be a couple of big shots already. The two technological nit wits are in talks with a new production company. Apparently, due to their high demands and caliber of work to piece together their one-hour take on Jersey schtuff (and more remember?) they need a new “guy.”

If only Dino’s camcorder from 1987 could be converted to whatever puts it on the interweb, they could do it themselves, but that whole Wayne’s World basement-look is so creepy, even for them.
So, that ain’t gonna work.
Vinny’s arm isn’t long enough to shoot it selfie-style using his iPhone and Dino’s CrackBerry flat out sucks. 
So they are looking for a notso creepy person with camera and computer skills to produce a quality podcast. You want to know what it pays??
Vinny’s uncle Vito takes care of negotiations and Dino’s third cousin Paulie makes the payments, but mostly collects. 

Why Travel Overseas? Take a Jersey Tour

Just saw a Living Social discounted coupon for a 7 day /6 night trip to a jungle in Kenya for $ 2895, isn’t it the same as just going to Camden, Trenton, Newark, Paterson, Passaic and Lakewood?